Monday, October 22, 2018

Halloween '18-Coming for the One Who Got Away.

Early morning, Fam…

So, David Gordon Green resurrected Michael Myers from Rob Zombie’s abortions (We didn’t need a cookie cutter redneck fam, abused kid backstory getting us off on the wrong foot, but that’s another blog.) with John Carpenter’s blessing and on board as producer and soundtrack remaster with his son with eyes to make a direct sequel to Carpenter’s ’78 original, negating everything after.  Today, we checked Halloween ’18 to see how they pulled it off.

Michael’s been locked up for the last 40 years after getting caught after the events of “the night He came home”.  According to Dr. Sartain (Haluk Bilginer), who’s looking after Michael since the late Dr. Loomis (the late Donald Pleasence), Michael’s been docile.  Then, a couple of true-crime vultures, Aaron Korey and Dana Haines (Jefferson Hall and Rhian Rees), show to try to make him speak by using his old mask they “acquired”.

Back in Haddonfield, Laurie’s (Jamie Lee Curtis returning to the role that put her on the map and made her one of the first scream queens) suffering from PTSD from her friends’ deaths, alienating her daughter and granddaughter (Judy Greer and Andi Matichak), in her incessant preparation for the day Michael comes for her.  She’s literally made her pad a fortress.

First off, I dug the movie while Joey didn’t.  She didn’t they explained enough to wipe away the sequels’ canon.  I, on the other hand, thought they did it pretty simply when Allyson, Laurie’s granddaughter explains that Laurie being Michael’s sister was a rumor.  That statement negates Halloween II, which almost erases everything after.

Given that, Green didn’t want to completely throw them away, so he threw in Easter eggs eagle-eyed fans will pick up on to give homage to the previous movies, including Season of the Witch.  Listen for the allusion of the Thorn cult.

JLC steps back into Laurie like she’s been Laurie for the last 40 years.  She’s convincing in her PTSD like she’s lived tormented for said 40 years, but in said torment, she’s vowed never again.

Green scored another original with OG Michael actor, Nick Castle, having a cameo and doing the breathing as The Shape while newcomer, James Jude Courtney, did all the grunt work.  Look for P.J. Soles (Lynda in the original) as a teacher.

The mask, which could arguably be considered more of a star than JLC, was meticulously recreated based on the William Shatner mask the original was made from adding age cracks to it.

Now, the selling point of Halloween ‘18’s the fight between Laurie and Mikey and whether Laurie can save her fam while redeeming herself.  Carpenter’s stamp can be seen in some of the movie, but with today’s sensibilities (i.e. over the top kills and gore).  The pacing acts like a kid that tries to take its time, but almost forgets after those first kills.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not shitting on Halloween ’18 by any means.  It’s a fun ride even if we’ve seen most of its like before.  I still love the faceless, methodical walk…and that straight-back rise.  Another highlight is seeing Mikey mask-less through a lot of the first act, albeit, in quick glimpses, but it’s more than the original’s glimpse.  The last act’s fast-paced with the ending being fun.

There was a cool dedication to original producer, Moustapha Akkad, who died in the '05 Amman bombing with his daughter when she was supposed to be married.

Going into Halloween ’18, Green said this should finish the series, but within the last couple weeks, he’s thrown out thoughts of a sequel.  If he does go on, let Michael die off.  The movie lends itself to a sequel, but it could just be left hanging too.  If he wants to tread new water, do an original Halloween idea every movie like the series was supposed to do.

At any rate, enjoy revisiting an old friend and escape for a little over an hour and a half…and, be good to each other.


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