Wednesday, October 3, 2018

A Dead Power Source and Goings-On.

Evening, Fam…

So, the power source on my laptop crapped out on me last night and I worked on it until the battery died this morning.  I have a spare, but couldn’t find it when my girl came, so I kept trying to make the old one work to no avail.  Not good when you work from your ‘puter.  When Ashley came tonight, she went right to it, and, guess what, the spare worked…I’ll be damned.  Hence, the late update.

Hollywood’s still hobbling around.  We can tell his leg’s still bugging him, but he’s still getting after it.  Chewy, our Llasa, is a dutiful little brother, looking after Hollywood.
I got an email from a publisher I’d sent The Moreau Family Diary.  They accepted it and offered me a “contribution” contract.  The 1st red flag was they said I could pay a one-time fee over 10 months.  What the hell kind of fee is it that it gets spread out over 10 months?  Anyway, I was under the impression that traditional publishers cover everything.  I asked Joey about it since she went through AuthorHouse for Quest.  She said that sounds like how they roll.  Hmmm, another red flag.  Back to the drawing board.

Joey’s still waiting to hear from an agent she sent a query to represent her for The Howl.  I hope she takes her.  It’s different for her and a good read.  I want good things for her.

Bless it be.

Be good to each other.


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