Saturday, September 22, 2018

Falling for Avon II

So, Mom came to Joey’s Avon party and put an order in as well had an order from Kat, my sister.  Cindy, who’s come to all her other parties, wasn’t able to come this time, because she messaged that she had a stomach bug, which we can believe since we’d been hearing from others as well as Joey still not feeling great.  Get well soon, Cindy!

We hung out and looked at the different books Joey’d gotten while catching up and drinking ginger ale and a Starbucks double shot and eating chips.  Mom gave us ideas for December’s party, so Joey and I’ll brainstorm.  Joey’s already thinking big since it’ll be around Christmas time, which’s her favorite time of year.  It’ll be festive!

Even though she didn’t have the turnout she was hoping for, I’m proud of her for pull it off.  Thanks again to Mom for showing, and thanks, Kiddo, for the order.  Love you both!

Be good to each other.


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