Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Dying Alone-It Could Be You.

So, guess who just called Joey?  The Odessa office…only about a month later.  Hmmm…

This could go a few ways:

A.      They just thought about her needing help.
B.      Their census is low, so they need a warm body, thereby, they need Joey more than she needs them since she already has the Midland office lined up, at least for the week.  Albeit, she has to pay, but they still make a point to get her someone…at least Bob does.

Just the fact that it’s taken them a month to check on her is scary.

We started thinking about the people that get out of bed like the olds and other crips that aren’t as mobile or don’t have access to a laptop to throw out a FB help post or can’t reach their phone quickly.  We talked about reading articles about people dying and not being found for days, weeks, even a month.  Even people with dementia have an idea of shit not being right around them.  We couldn’t imagine dying alone.

Most people don’t think that far past their noses, it’s a sobering thought when it could be you.

Be good to each other.


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