Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Bread Crumbs.

So, I went back to the pharmacy to get my meds today along with a few things we needed for the house.  I asked the driver on bus 5 if the old man was still getting shaken down when she came back around, and she said HE STILL WAS…OMG!  She said after that he’d gone to she bus shelter and dumped his trash all over it and that he was just plain rude, she said he wasn’t right in the head.

Anyway, after I did what I had to do in the store, I went to the stop.  No, no old crip man was heading that way this time.  But, this gentlemen came to wait for the bus after he got off work.  I didn’t get his name, I sorry, Guy.  He was telling me about his tours of duty.  They touched me.

One that really got to me was when he told me he and his crew were walking the streets of a country when he came on the two kids crouched on the road picking what the crew thought was dirt and eating it.  The approached the kids asking them why they were eating dirt.

“It’s bread crumbs.”

The guys looked and saw dirt.  The oldest kid picked one up and gave it to the guy.  It was bread.

The kid explained he was teaching his younger brother how to find the crumbs the bakery dumps out.  They’d been on their own since their folks’d been killed.

From then on, the guy, who always carried extra rations, would share those extra rations with the kids while he was there.

There was more to the story, but I’m going to leave that thought hanging for you guys to think about that.

Be good to each other.



  1. Great story Jason. Glad it wasn't the nutty guy, but someone with a good story to share.

    1. Me too, that guy shook me. I'd try to help again, because that's who I am, but...

      I was floored listening to his stories. I knew I had to commit it to memory to share it. We try to help people with Two Feet Below. It's nice to be taught by people as well. Thanks for reading, Michael.