Sunday, August 12, 2018

Your Story Matters.

So, Guys, my friend, Cindy, had this on her Twitter feed by way of Think BIG Sunday With Marsha.

I follow her blogs, check her out, she’s on our list of friends to the right.

Anyway, I always hear people read us and envy how we can throw out something every day.  They wish they could, but don’t think they’ve got something to say worth reading, hearing, what have you.

Listen, Guys, everybody has a story worth telling, because my life might have similarities to yours that you don’t feel you can talk to others about (crip stuff, life in general); hence, the reason we started Two Feet Below, but we have different lives that make us unique.  BAM, there ya go, you’ve got your story, and trust me, you’ll find your fam, who’ll gravitate to you.

We’ve learned in the last 7 months, we can’t grab everybody with everything we write, that’d be arrogant to think that.  We write what’s in our heart…and, you should too.  People will be interested in you for you.

Now, I’m not saying throw it all out there if you don’t feel comfortable doing that, but just putting yourself out there, you’re making yourself vulnerable.

Just remember, it’s YOUR story.  Be proud, and people’ll come.

Be good to each other.


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