Saturday, August 25, 2018

When You Can Make Someone's World Explode.

So, a couple days ago, I found this hidden on FB:

There wasn’t much to it, so I did some digging, doing a search on YouTube.  I hit pay dirty!  The caption has this to say: “Octavius Mitchell Jr. has been hearing impaired since birth. These waitresses noticed his mom signing to him during dinner and decided to give him his own special birthday celebration.”

The timestamp says the clip was posted two weeks ago.

Isn’t that the coolest, sweetest thing?!  The waitresses at the Texas Roadhouse in Murfreesboro, Tennessee deserve all the praises they’ve received for this viral video.  It takes little extra to make someone’s day…especially that of a child.

A lot of times, a crip kid’s circle consists of the fam and a FEW friends…that’s it.  If there’s a communication barrier, it makes their world very small…when they see everybody else around them in a bigger world.  Most kids’ll try anything, so it’s not them…kids know no limitations, no prejudices.

These two lovely ladies just made Octavius’s world huge…and, he was the center of it.

Be good to each other.


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