Wednesday, August 8, 2018

What About Crip-lingual in Schools?

Morning, Fam…

So, the folks got back from their 2-week cruise around Germany, Amsterdam, and a few other places Monday.  They brought Joey back a children’s book, so she can practice her German that she learned in school.  They also gave her a coaster from one of the restaurants they went to.  They got me a little tray of pastries that look like other foods like meat, cheese, a pretzel, and a strawberry.  It definitely screws with your mind since you know what your mind thinks it sees, but the tastes don’t correspond.  With it, there was a tiny bottle of schnapps, which we’ve had a couple here.  We liked the cinnamon and the peach…until they got older…LOL.  Anyway, it wasn’t bad.  It was strong for Joey by the face she made.

She told me that you HAD to learn, at least, rudimentary German, Finnish, wherever they were. English was NOT the norm for obvious reasons.  It made me think: what if.

A while back, actress, Marlee Matlin, had this on her Twitter page.

Now, I don’t know about making signing a “requirement,” but DEFINITELY make it general study course as eligible as any other language offered in school systems instead of relegating it to a mere elective…if the class makes.  With its 50K+ word vocabulary, it’s a valid language…PLUS, it allows inclusivity with the benefit of adding it the resume and allowing someone to double as a translator in the job setting…and, yes, we had deaf patients come through the office regularly.

We talk about bilingual this and bilingual that when we talk about other languages, and don’t get me wrong, tackling another language’s an accomplishment, but can we really boast if we leave out another form of the English language?

Be good to each other.


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