Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Owning Your Life with Overactive Bladder.

Afternoon, Fam…

So, let’s talk about a rather touchy subject, shall we?

Overactive bladder.

Crips with Spina Bifida 9/10’ll not have the muscles to a. pee regularly and b. hold it in, so they’ve got to a. cath to take a leak and b. wear some kind of diaper to keep from peeing themselves to the next cath…OR c. take medicine like Ditropan to make the bladder hold said pee like it’s supposed to.  You could, of course, have a foley, which would free you of the diapers and the med, but then, you’ve got to keep from ripping said foley out and your sex life’s nixed.

I’ve been cathing since I was 5.  Growing up, I wore diapers and later did the meds (Ditropan/Oxtbutinin) when I didn’t want to wear diapers anymore to get me between caths until I started learning the pee feeling.  Fortunately, I’m that 1/10 that feel when I got to go, so I can tell when I need to cath.  Now, getting where I do that’s another.  There was a time, I thought nothing of just doing it in a gutter as long as someone stood watch, but I was young and stupid then.

At night’s a different thing.  Since I’m asleep, I can’t control my bladder, so I take meds, which works.  HOWEVER, AND GUYS THAT LIVE IN WARMER AREAS:  DITROPAN/OXYBUTININ PREVENTS YOU FROM SWEATING!  Weigh your options, we don’t want anyone falling out from not being able to sweat!

Able-bodies, I’m not leaving you guys out.  I know this afflects you guys too.  Again, know you’re not alone.

Be good to each other.


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