Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The OneBlade-The Crip's Razor.

So, last week I ordered a Phillips Norelco OneBlade on Amazon.  I’d been seeing the commercial on the tube for a little while where they showed you could shave in and direction in any length of hair.  Shaving by myself’s always been an issue…you know the whole CP hands thing and most razors’re a clunky more often than not, plus, you had to shave a specific way…or, you WERE GOING TO GET CUT…NO ‘UENO!

Anyway, I got it yesterday, and let it charge.  This afternoon, I went in the back with Joey’s handheld mirror.  I figured the breeze’d blow the hair…and blood…away.

I started with my mustache since I could see that without the mirror.  It was smooth, clean.  I showed Joey, and told her to hold out her finger, which she reluctantly did.  I showed her how the razor just vibrated, but she couldn’t feel the razor, itself.

Then, I went outside to do my beard.  Of course, I had to figure how to hold the razor to get to my cheeks.  Joey came out to see how I was coming and offered to help me with my crippy side (right).  She was nervous since she’d never shaved anybody, but she did well.

What you guys think about a first go by myself?

Guys, if you haven’t been able to shave yourselfs without fearing you’re gonna cut your jugular because you jump, check the OneBlade.

Be good to each other.


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