Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Stress Headache.

 Afternoon, Fam…

So, Joey’d be much more elegant talking about this than I, but…

Last night, Joey was screwed by Wanda from the Midland Nurses Unlimited (now, Accentcare).  I say she was screwed by Wanda, because when Nattlie, her reg. weeknight provider said she wasn’t coming in, because apparently according to her, she got stranded at her other client because of the rain, Wanda, who was on-call, said she couldn’t get a hold of anybody to come get Joey in bed, because she didn’t know where any of the girls lives.

Ummm, hello, if you’re the super on-call, shouldn’t you have your girls’ numbers to get a hold them in case one girl can’t or won’t come?  Furthermore, aren’t the supers supposed to come out if they can’t get anybody to come out?  It’s her job to make sure the people, who need help get said help.  She had no intention of calling anybody.  This isn’t an assumption, because she’s pulled this shit before.  People should know by now we talk, we know providers outside of here, so we ask.  9/10, they say no, they weren’t called.  It falls on us to get a hold of them either on FB or text.

Ashley came for me later, so she helped Joey also, but if she’d been early and Nattlie hadn’t called yet, Joey’d’ve not know, Ashley’d’ve gone after she helped me, and Joey’d’ve been ass out.  She would’ve had to sleep on the floor in her clothes.

Wanda’s shit.

I’ve said it before: the whole idea for healthcare is because you CARE.  You don’t get CONVENIENT or HALF-ASS out of care.

Fast forward to this morning, and no Lupe at 8, 8:15.  Joey called the Odessa office, AND THEY DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WHO SHE WAS!  WTFH!  After going round and round with them, she found out Lupe did call to say her car crapped out on her, so Joey asked if they had backup…CRICKETS!

After getting Bob at the Midland office and getting him on the hunt for someone, then, Joey got out of bed to let the Boys out and get her phone.  Finally, Joey got a hold of Lupe, who pled her case.  Then, the Midland office called to say they were having trouble getting a hold of people.  They were going to try Maria as a last-ditch effort.  The thing with Maria is she speaks very little English to Joey’s little Spanish…still, she’s someone if they got a hold of her.  Eventually, they did, and she came.

As for Lupe, Joey tried to text her to see if the mechanics could give her a lift…she never texted back…her phone was off…she never intended to come after she ran her story by Joey.

On both incidents, I reached out on FB for help.  Thanks to Darcey, Ann, Chas, and Scott for your concern.  It’s amazing when someone posts something serious, crickets, but when someone posts stupid shit, everybody comes out of the woodworks.  Hmmm.

Be good to each other.