Monday, August 27, 2018

It's Just a Game!

So, WTH, Man, I didn’t comment on the shooting at the Madden ’19 tourney that happened yesterday in FL. as I tried to wrap my mind around it after listening to the audio on TMZ.

I understand gaming’s big business, I get upset when I know what I’m supposed to do, but it doesn’t happen when I get invested in a game…BUT, I DON’T GO PSYCHO!

I understand this tourney was broadcasted with bragging rights and a purse that was to be had, but everybody that was there was there for the love of the game and to see how they fared against other like-minded competitors.  Then, there’s one sick fuck that comes with a gun…A GUN!  He was planning this if he lost, that’s screwed up, Man!  Of course, then, he wasn’t man enough to own it, he offed himself.  Victims’ fams are left with speculation now, that’s it.  Sad.

I haven’t heard or read any follow up, so it might be chalked up to an isolated case, which it’s different, but the same in that it’s just another statistic on the random shooting demo.  I wonder in the coming days if psychologists’re going to chime in on gaming addiction and mental health as seems to happen after incidents like these happen in other places.  It’s weird how Trump didn’t have anything to say since he’s the biggest troll/narcissist on Twitter.

Still, it’s a sad day for the gaming world and our hearts go out to everybody affected by one jackweed.

Game on and be good to each other.


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