Monday, August 27, 2018

Crip's in the Fear Walking Dead House!

Early morning, Fam...

So, we’re three weeks into the second part of season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead.  The remaining gang’s (Strand, Luciana, Alicia, Althea, John Dorie, June / Naomi / Laura, Charlie, and Morgan) broken after losing Nick and Madison.  They’re so broken to the point Morgan’s decided to go back to Alexandria (TWD).

Tonight’s episode was Morgan-centric as he makes his way back to Georgia from Texas.  Along the way, he meets Jim (Aaron Stanford) and twins, Wendall (Daryl Mitchell) and Sarah (Mo Collins).  So far, they come off as grifters looking for an opportunity.  If they can help you, fine, if they can’t and need to kill you or let you be killed, even better.

One of the twins, Wendell, is a crip.  Yeah, in TWD, the gang came across an old folks’ home in one episode, but Wendell’s a living crip, which’s new to the Walking Dead world.  We’re intrigued to see where his character goes.

We’re thinking, OK, OK, we’ve seen crips on the tube and movies.  Actors playing crips’re a dime a dozen.  Then, he was on Talking Dead afterward…AND, THE DUDE WAS IN A CHAIR…HOLY SHIT!  I had to search him.  I found out he’s a made crip after a motorcycle accident in ’01.  We’d seen him pre-accident in House Party and 2 as well as Galaxy Quest.

Joey and I’ve always talked about being a crip in the zombie apocalypse.  Now, we get to go along for the ride vicariously through Wendell.  Hopefully, Wendell’s not as prick-ish as he’s starting off.  Either way, Fear just got hella interesting in a season that’s been epically depressing so far.

Be good to each other.


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