Saturday, July 7, 2018


Afternoon, Guys…

So, this morning, I paid the Atmos, then, went to check my account to give Joey my part of the bills.  11 charges were made yesterday by a guy named John Cato out of Cali for $99.10, WTFH!  I called the bank to investigated, but of course, none of the branches of the most popular bank in Midland was open on Sat., so I left a secure email with the pertinents.  After breakfast, which including world-saving coffee in case I had to talk to someone, I went back to get the number attached to the charges.

I looked up the number to find out other people’d been hit up by the same number, which they claim is for Square, the card swiper you can use on your phone.  I called it, and it sent me to its site, where I can check the chargers against my card.  It came up blank for anything yesterday.  I knew I used it Thursday to order shirts, which showed.

SO, I don’t know.  I’ll call the bank Monday to see if they’ve got anything on their end, or if the charges disappear as phantom charges, which I’ve had happen once before.

I told Ashley about it, and she told me she got a letter in the mail about a scam, but I paid the water days ago.  I did a search on Nextdoor and read about people getting taken for hundreds!  I’m considering myself lucky if I did get hit.

Like I said, we’ll see what’s what.

Guys, watch your stuff, there’re shady ass people out there.

Be good to each other.


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