Friday, July 20, 2018

Septicemia from Two Feet Below.

So, let’s talk about going septic, shall we?

Going septic is when the blood gets infected, because of an infection that went untreated.

For us crips, this can happen pretty easily.  We might have a bladder infection where the urine doesn’t stink, and because of your cripness, you may not feel pain in your kidneys.  You might feel tired or feverish, or any of the other symptoms that come with a UTI…UNTIL!

Story time:

I woke up one morning, I guess it’s been 7 years or so now.  Everything was fine, Joey got up, I turned on my laptop, and she, her provider and I were talking like we always did while she got ready for the day.  Then, they left to make breakfast while I surfed.

Suddenly, I got, like a shunt headache, so I asked for a Tylenol-3, but the throb didn’t go away.  Then, I started shivering.  Now, I’ve had fevers that make me shiver.  I bet you guys’ve too.  Naw, these were bone chills, teeth visibly, audibly chattering.  I’ve NEVER shook that bad…and, I couldn’t stop.  I couldn’t type, I could barely get the words out to tell Joey to call Mom…and, I DON’T CALL MOM just for ANYTHING.

She came, saw I was ashy and we went to the hospital.  She told I was fading in and out that night, and ya know, you can feel that shit.  It’s real, and it ain’t a good feeling.  I believe that was a week stay, I don’t remember how long, really, because I was literally dying.

Yeah, I said dying.  When you go septic, you’re on less than borrowed time.

I’m proof it’s survivor able, but you got to get your ass to the hospital as soon as you feel.

BUT, Guys, because we may not feel the sore, the UTI, whatever, we got to pay attention.  If something’s off, get your ass to your doctor…ASAFP.

Like I’ve told friends and Joey’s told me: You’re no good to your friends and fam dead.

Be good to each other.


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