Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Resilience-Don't Let Life Break You.

So, let’s talk about resilience, shall we?

I’m going to pick on Joey, because she's one I know with the biggest beach ball-sized lady nuts on a crip I’ve ever seen.  I know she had a hard life before me being bullied and picked on in school because of jumping.  I see people today noticed with that side glance.

She’s been trying to get on Medicaid ever since she moved here, and always got denied for whatever the reason.  She got accepted for that this year, but that’s opened a few cans of worms, but she keeps plodding on as each governmental red tape comes along.

She’s been told not to have kids because of the crip thing, which she’s wanted since age 16.  She’s found an alternative with her reborn babies, which are pretty damn impressive…especially when they come from other countries.

Currently, she’s having provider issues since her main night one inexplicably left, so she gets a call from the agency everyday if not every other day with the 411 on who’s going to be here and when.  She’s glad she has someone, but it’s jacking with her sleep, because they can come anywhere from 7:30 to 11:30-12 to have to get up at 8 when Lupe rings the doorbell.  She gets it done even dragging ass.

The point being, Guys, don’t let life break you.  You’re better than life.

Be good to each other.


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