Wednesday, June 27, 2018

You Win Some, You Lose Some...and, You Win More.

Morning, Fam…

So, Monday, I went to Dave’s to catch up and he wound up getting a shirt, then, yesterday, I went to the bank to deposit some money I’d gotten and save, but I also took the shirts in case I could make a sale.  Although they liked them, no one bit.

Now, I know that salespeeps have a rep for being pushy, I’m not one of those times.  Yeah, it stings when people say they like something, but no, but you move on.

Last night, we were chilling before we crashed, and my friend, Yvonne, hit me up on Twitter to ask me how she could get swag to promote Two Feet Below.  That’s so cool and sweet!  She lives in PA, so that’d be the first shirt or cap representing out of TX.  I wasn’t expecting it.  Bad ass.

My point: there’ll be highs and lows in everything you set out to do.  The lows sucks, but keeping on, if you TRULY feel it means something to you, people’ll see and want to join you for the ride.  But, you got to keep going.

On a different, but same note, I went over to the shop on my way home yesterday afternoon.  T was trying to work out a gnarly cover up, so we talked while he drew.  He asked me some specific questions about Joey’s and my cripness…whether we had pain that came with it.  I told him about my shunt, which I’ve talked about in passing.  I told him when it’s messing up, think of the worst migraine you CAN’T get rid of until you have surgery.  Other than that, I told him, we just have wear and tear pain from using our bodies differently from, say, him.

He also told me when he restarted inking Alonso’s Virgin Mary Monday,
Alonso mentioned me.  He told me Alonso told him he wasn’t 100% about doing his chest after I told him about the spiciness.  I felt bad, I’d never deter someone from getting ink where they feel a piece should go.  But, T told me it wasn’t on the table, that he’d never talked about.  He said Alonso’d asked and I just gave an honest answer.  Still, they both it was cool I’d done it, and for me, it was nice to know Alonso’d taken my thoughts to heart.

OK, so this wound up being a twofer.

Thanks for hanging with me this morning.

Be good to each other.


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