Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Truly, Blood's Thicker than Water.

So, Michael Jackson’s dad Joe died this morning from cancer.  It’d been reported at the beginning of the week he was terminal and wanted to die at home.  Apparently, after only about 24 hours in hospice, he gave it up.

It’s interesting to me that reports of his kids, specifically Janet, broke down at a concert when talking about her dad’s situation to fans.  The reason I find this so interesting is because Jackson was notorious for being a Hitler when molding the Jackson 5, and, all but gloating about it afterward, rationalizing they’re famous now and stayed out of jail.  It was to the point that most of his kids were alienated from him, CHOOSING to distance themselves from him.  Speaking of Janet, TMZ made no mention of whether she took time off from touring to be with her dying dad.

Another thing I noted and I think I’d already heard was that he and his wife DIDN’T live together for years.  Hmmm, strange considering they don’t have kids they’re actively rearing to stay together at all.  If he was as abusive as documented and by his own admission, why not cut all ties…name be damned?

Of course, we don’t and never will know the whole 9, but I was just thinking.

Condolences go out to his fam and friends.

Be good to each other.


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