Saturday, June 23, 2018

Truth or Dare, Are You Unsane?

Afternoon, Guys…

So, a couple nights ago, we watched a double feature of Unsane and Truth or Dare that we’d missed in the theaters.

Now, you guys that’ve been following us, know we’re into psychology, and both films’re steeped into head games with Truth or Dare delving into the supernatural.

First, Unsane’s based around the real crime of insurance milking, but where Unsane gets interesting’s when Sawyer played by Claire Voy goes to a shrink to “just” talk but winds up being a prisoner in the psych hospital she “thinks” the orderlie’s a guy played by Joshua Leonard she swears was stalking her from her past.  The thing’s we don’t know if anything’s real in her world.

Directed by the combo of famed Italian Dario Argento (Suspiria) and Steven Soderbergh (the Ocean’s franchise), Unsane broke new filmatic ground being filmed on an iPhone 7 Plus in 4K on the app FiLMiC Pro with extreme headshots to give that unsettling claustrophobic feel.

Second, Truth or Dare takes a juvenile game of humiliation and ratchets it up to a lose, lose, lose situation for those that get sucked into the game.

Lucy Hale’s (Pretty Little Liars) Olivia’s that poor sap when she and her friends get talked into the game by friendly stranger, Carter played by Landon Liboiron (Degrassi: The Next Generation, Hemlock Grove), setting off a game that if you choose not to play, you die, if you don’t tell the truth, you die, if you don’t do a dare you die.

The head games’re freaky, but the freakier thing’s the demented face the person gets to see when asked “truth or dare…” and, it doesn’t have to be a person directly in the group playing.  This where the supernatural comes in.  OH, and the person, who initiated the next round, has to be the sacrificial lamb to end the game…but, honestly, who’s going to volunteer to do that, right?

We called it a night about 2 that night, but neither one tapped, which says something, because one of us crashes at late night double features to have to re-watch the second the next day.  So, if you guys like screw with your mind movies, check them out.

Jurrasic World: Fallen Kingdom coming.

Be good to each other.


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