Thursday, June 28, 2018

Tears in a Picture-Celebrating a Life.

So, there was ANOTHER shooting in Maryland at The Capital Gazette, where five people were killed and the shooter was taken into custody.  My heart goes out to those poor souls and their fam and friends.

But, I want to concentrate on the lighter side of life…even though this particular incident’s shines in the face of death.

Paris Jackson amazes me more and more as of late.  First, she takes it up on herself to clean a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame that’s SIMILAR to her dad’s.  Now, she’s posted a touching picture of her holding her grandpa’, Joe Jackson’s frail hand, assumingly at his death.  Again, this is NOT a photo op, there are no mugs in the shot…just a frail, bandaged hand held by the youthful hand of a grieving granddaughter.

Regardless of what we heard about how Jackson lived his life, and, I admit I’m guilty of this, her words expressing how she cherished the time they spent together talking about her dad and whatnot coupled with the image, humanizes both Jacksons immensely.

It never ceases to amaze me the power of well thought out words couple with a candid, vulnerable image.

Like she did at the televised memorial to her dad when she threw it all out there to express her love for him, she’s put it all out there on social media to show people she’s as human as the next person…while simultaneously showing us a different side of her grandpa.

Be good to each other.


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