Friday, June 29, 2018

Making It Rain, or Am I Insane?

So, yesterday, I told you about Bitty & Beau’s magic.  Their inspiration should be rewarded infinitely; HOWEVER, they’d probably on Medicaid; therefore, CAN NOT make their worth…lest they lose their benefits.  This is the bane of ALL crips in “the system” that work.

Now, in an episode of Born This Way, a counsellor came in to tell them about something called an ABLE account, which I brought up in Feb.  I went through the process of joining, but have yet to get an welcome email.  I’ve gotten a couple for a webnar, but I DON’T consider that a formal welcome.

Has anyone gotten one?  How’s it work for you?  Is it worth it?

Erin Valley of the Center for Disabled Rights says no, but I want to hear from someone, who went further than merely reading the booklet.

I’ve got a fam to think about, so getting into a money pit’s not an option.  At the same note, if we have to stay in “the system,” it’d be nice to a nest egg can be made…despite “the system.”

Sound off.

Be good to each other.


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