Sunday, June 17, 2018

Riding Shotgun with Solo.

Early morning, Guys…

So, we saw Solo yesterday.

I’d heard and read mostly good things from friends and critics, the negative coming from Star Wars purists that can’t wrap their minds a younger Han Solo that’s NOT Harrison Ford.  Trust me, I was in the same boat.  Then, Ford, himself, gave the film his blessing, which helped me give the film a chance.  I’m glad I did.

First, the million dollar question, does Alden Erenreich pull off a believable Solo?  He steps into the role with subtle shades Ford while making Solo his own as he played the naïve smuggler.

I say naïve, because, although Solo has skills, he’s not aware of the cutthroat nature of the game.  He’s duped in the first 5 minutes in a plot that separates him from his girlfriend, Qi’ra (Emilia Clarke).  That sequence sets the tone for the rest of the film.

Guys, at its core, Solo’s a tragedy with action sequences between.  Oh, sure, the action’s spectacular, but said sequences set up the tragedy more often than not.  It explains Solo’s character and drive in the original trilogy and Force Awakens.

Speaking of the original trilogy, Solo answers the hows of the lore that was set up then like the 12 parsec and how Solo won the Millennium Falcon from Lando Calrissian (Danny Glover) questions.

To Glover’s credit, he too, pulls off the younger Calrissian well, handing Solo his ego on their first meeting.  You can tell he’s been in the game longer than Solo, but it’s that screw over that really cements their frenemy relationship.

But, how Solo and Chewie (Joonas Suotamo, who co-play the role with OG Chewie, Peter Mayhew, then, took the role over in Last Jedi.) became friends is definitely the highlight of the film as far as I’m concerned.  I didn’t see that scenario coming.

There’s talk of Star Wars fatigue setting in as a cause for Solo’s underperformance, which might the case in some crowds, but I’m recommending it nonetheless.  It ain’t a bad ride and it does give a cool backstory to give a better understanding of the future Solo.

At least give it a go.  Episode IX doesn’t come out until next year.

Be good to each other.


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