Saturday, June 16, 2018

Pretty Woman-Considering Choices.

So, Joey and I were watching Pretty Woman and she brought up her thoughts on the different types of thought pertaining to being a prostitute as opposed to the sex trade.

Whether it’s cam work or streetwalking, we agreed whoever, guy or girl, has a bit of exhibitionism in them to pull it off.  Of course, there’s money to be made…if whoever’s good at it.  It’s not just something you get into.  I’ve heard girls say their friends told them about the money to be made, so, guess what…why not.

Soon, they see the dark side from “johns” or if they get owned by pimps.  This’s where we talked about choices.  I’d heard girls get numbed to guys’ characteristics and the money’s good, so they stay.  Watching the film, we acknowledged that some find their way out through love from a “john” that sees past the past.  I’ve heard these scenarios.

Sex trafficking’s NOT a third world thing.  It’s easy for prostitutes to go from being self-employed to not.  It takes just one rogue “john” kidnapping said prostitute and she’s a sex slave.  It’s that easy.  ALL her rights GONE.  Breaking away from this scenario’s a life or death situation…especially if she decides to cut and run.

Yeah, we went deep with this one, but a good film makes you think, right?

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Be good to each other.


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