Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Riddle Me This.

So, designer Kate Spade hanged herself today.  Robin Williams, Chester Benington, Chris Cornell…join the gang.  Now, the popo’ve got to piece the mystery together to put this to bed.  Of course, she specifically addressed her 13-year-old daughter, telling her it wasn’t her fault.  BUT, HOW THE HELL ISN’T a 13-year-old NOT going to think it’s not her fault.  She woke up this morning, probably kissed her mom good-bye before going to school or whatever, not knowing good-bye REALLY meant good-bye.  Yeah, how the hell’s she not supposed to think she didn’t have something to do with her mom’s decision to off herself?

ALSO, they reported that her husband was IN THE HOUSE when she offed herself.  OK, I ran this by Joey, and she reasoned that he could’ve been in, say, the garage, and therefore, couldn’t hear her.  They did report the house was a multi-level pad.  She was in their bedroom.

My counter to that is:  What was he doing so long that he didn’t hear SOMETHING.  In most hangings, people don’t get it right, and wind up strangling themselves; therefore, they’re flailing around…it’s the body’s “Oh, shit” response.  Where the hell was he so long that he didn’t hear any of that?

Call me crazy, but, I randomly look to see what Joey’s up to just to see her if we’re home together.  If I hear something fall, I call to make sure she’s OK.  If I don’t get an answer, I go look.

Just wondering.

Her poor daughter.

Be good to each other.


UPDATE:  TMZ just reported that Mrs. Spade's husband WAS NOT in her pad when she offed herself as they'd initially done.

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