Sunday, June 24, 2018

Looking Out for More Than #1 at 70,000 Ft.

Holy crap, so, let’s file this under extraordinary!

Where to start?  We always try to do our part in the world to make it a little better no matter what’s going on in our personal lives whether it’s for a friend, fam, or even a stranger, strangers being the best.

What, why, J?

Because, chances are we might not see them ever again and we might be the ONLY person, who touched their soul that day; thus, changing them…and, us.  Clara Daly is one of those people.

We’ve learned people have a hard time looking outside themselves, opting to do as little as they HAVE to for others without monetary incentive.  We understand people need money to live, but we also know the value of just doing to do.

Clara didn’t know Mr. Cook from Adam, she just knew she had the skills the flight attendant was looking for and she jumped in head first…touching the elderly man in a way no one else could, making an impression on him he’ll probably NEVER forget.

That is an angel on Earth.  We need more innately good people in this world to outnumber those that mindlessly go through world truly blind and deaf.

Be good to each other.


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