Friday, June 8, 2018

It Started with a Guy.

So, I’ve had this idea floating around for a while, but other pressing things’ve come up everytime I go to throw it down.  Here it is.

That scum, Harvey Weinstein, has made his way back into headlines as his MANY sexual harassment/rape cases come up on the docket…AND THE DUDE PUT IN A NOT GUILTY PLEA!  Dude, there’s SO MUCH evidence against you, you better thank God we in America have due process.

But, in all the crap surrounding his sins and the subsequent sins of others that’ve come to light from this, and I’m NOT minimizing what these women’ve gone through, because it’s widely known Hollywood’s a screwed up world unto itself, but this current incarnation of this movement was started by a GUY…a guy that Kevin Spacey’d apparently made inappropriate moves on, causing him to lose grace with everybody from Netflix to a WHOLE finished movie to have to be re-filmed with a new actor leading to its months’ release!

Again, I’m not crapping on the women, who had beach ball-size lady nuts to come forward, but surely there isn’t just A guy who’s been taken advantage of.  Shhhhh, I know it’s not talked about as much, but in this instance, it was brought out, creating the snowball for the women to feel secure enough to speak.  But, he got lost in the shuffle.

Anyway around it, I hope everybody that’s truly guilty, get their just desserts and the thousands if not millions of women that came before are vindicated, because NO ONE should be victimized.

Let's talk.

Be good to each other.


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