Friday, June 8, 2018

Class and Dignity and the Meaning of Life.

So, here’s another off the cuff story I read.  Let’s flip the script, shall we?

Death’s never an easy subject to just talk about…especially when it hits close to home.

You guys know I’ve been slammed by it multiple times personally with my best friend, Noe, then, my brother, Joey.  You may know it’s coming and can see it for a mile, or it, and more often than not, blindside the hell out of you.

Seeing it coming DOESN’T make it any easier when it comes.  There’s still the question, ‘Why” even if the writing’s on the wall.  BUT, what if the person’s made peace with fate like Charles Krauthammer seems to have?  Will that steel his fam and friends when he goes in a matter of weeks as docs’ve told him?  Maybe.

Not taking away from Krauthammer by any means, because I hold him in the highest regard being so calm in the knowledge of him imminent death, but I remember when Noe was dying.  He knew, and he didn’t want anyone around for that last ambulance ride.  He was adamant.  At 13-14, I figured, and talking to Gloria, his mom, a week later, I learned how much he knew.  I realized that last time I was over was a carefully orchestrated good-bye by Noe and God.

So it seems with Krauthammer.  He’s telling the public good-bye on his terms and that he’s OK with it and the way his life played out.  Now, that’s class and dignity.

Be good to each other.


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