Thursday, June 28, 2018

Everybody's Playing, so Why Can't We?

Morning, Fam…

So, check this!

A waterpark for crips!

Yeah, we had Waster Wonderland here in the day, but it was far from crip accessible.  Then, the Chris Davidson park, also the brainchild of a dad to his crip kid, was built by the old old CP Center.  This park was expressly made from all crips with a jungle gym we could drive our chairs through with various types of ramps like the wavy one, which was fun and scary since we were going up and down all the way up or down.  Then, there were swings we could drive our chairs into to swing, as well as a merry-go-round we could drive our chairs onto.  Before that, we’d have to get out of our chairs and either be laid or sat on said merry-go-round, which the centrifugal force would inevitable knock us over.  Regular swings were the same way, we had to get out of our chairs to sit on benches with no sides or seatbelts…not good for the balanced impaired.

One time, Noe and I chased off a bunch of kids that were harassing us hanging out there.  It was fun.

Anyway, hopefully, the park in San Antone takes off to become a franchise like Six Flags or Schlitterbahn.  Yeah, it’s fun to hang with friends and fam, but being able to participate’s breaks boundaries and creates memories.

Be good to each other.


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