Friday, June 1, 2018

Double Standards-Ignorance STILL Ain't Bliss.

So, yesterday, I told you guys about the system holding us hostage when they want to just drop in like we have nothing else to do with our lives than wait around for them, but then no show without calling.

SO, let’s talk about double standards, shall we?

This is a prime example.  The cripest of the crip still has a life to live.  Who the hell’s it someone else’s place to tell them what they can and can’t do.  Those same people wouldn’t want to be they can’t, because…

I’ve brought this up before.  We’ve been told we can’t go here or there, because…  Why can you go there, but we can’t?  If accessibility’s the issue, fine.  Yeah, it sucks, but we always get around stuff.  If it’s too bad, we just don’t go back.

While we’re on the subject, when we go out, we’ve got a curfew.  Bless Ashley for being open to doing things even if it ain’t her bag.  She’s played ball when others said we HAD to be home like folks to kids.  Of course, we work with people, but if the shoes were on the other feet, they wouldn’t want to be given time limits.  We don’t ask for much.

Another is we shouldn’t have kids.  OK, we get it, it’ll be harder.  Parenting’s hard as it is.  As you guys know, we’re people watchers…that includes how parental units deal with, or don’t deal with their kids for that matter.  They’re Medicaid parents that pop out a…stop, J.  Anyway, we know what we’d do and not do.  We know where we’d put the bassinet, crip, or whatnot.  We’d figure doc visits.  The only time another person’d be told to not have kids’s if it’d kill the mom…and, maybe not even then.

We also shouldn’t be relegated to certain types of work, ie. door greeter, paper pusher jobs.  I mean, if that’s all that physically be done, kick it, but bosses shouldn’t judge by what they see.  I can guaran damn tee you I can figure stuff out.  You can’t look at someone and automatically know whether they’ll be able to do a job.  They might be your best employee.  This one can apply to able-bodies and crips alike.

These’re just a few off the top of my head we had thrown at us.

We’ve got to fight those that’d want to keep us under THEIR thumb.

 I understand "Fight the Power" is about racial issues, but it's also about defiance.

Be good to each other.


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