Wednesday, May 23, 2018

When the Eye Doctor Doesn't See.

So, let’s go back to Friday to get to today’s bit, shall we?

I’d ordered us a Paratransit bus to get us to the glasses shop, so Joey could get her script.  The bus picked us up at 1:30 to get us to Imagine Eyewear, where she’d been getting her glasses ever since she’d moved here.  Of course, the place’s jumping with one employee there, so we have to wait in line to be dealt with…no prob.

BUT, when it’s Joey’s turn, we still get bumped every time a new customer comes in to get THEIR script.  Apparently, Joey’s hadn’t been cut.  Hmmm.  Finally, we get a quiet moment for Joey’s lenses to get cut, put in her old frames, and tried out.  Again, hmmm.

Joey IMMEDIATELY can tell something’s off with the strength.  They LOWERED the strength in her lazy eye!  WTH!  As long as I’ve known her, she’s had to have a strong lense in that side.  SO, a 100-point drop is an act of God.

She was told her eyes just had to adjust to the new script, and to give it the weekend, which she did, and she played nice even blurry-sighted at best.  She didn’t even feel comfortable going to Celebration of the Arts, which we always go to.

Fast forward to today.  She got on the Paratransit bus I ordered yesterday to go back to Imagine Eyewear, this time solo since I had no one to get me up this AM.  BUT, I told her to take her phone, and I’d keep tabs on her through texts.  She wouldn’t be alone.

Her first text said they were stumped at what happened.  I asked what they planned to do about it.  Pause.  I asked if they were going to give her her old lenses back until the cut the new ones she was tested for while she was there.  Pause.  Surprise, surprise, they threw them away!  Holy Hell.

Come to find out, they apparently keep lenses in the back.  For what, I haven’t the foggiest, but, in this case, I’m glad.  Paul the head guy, found some scraps close to Joey’s script, so she has some usable lenses until hers are in.  She tells me they aren’t half bad…at least I’m not a blurry mass out of the one eye anymore.  Then, she had to ride the bus for an hour WITHOUT AC!

But, honestly, how can you screw up on a script THAT badly to make someone blinder?

Moral of the story: stick to your guns when you know something ain’t right.

Be good to each other.


PS. I learned that the voice writer on phones won't spell cuss words.


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