Thursday, May 24, 2018


Morning, Fam…

So, has anybody come up and talked to you like this:

“HI,   MY   NAME   IS   SO   AND   SO,   I   AM   GOING   TO   BE   YOUR   HELPER!” like you’re slow and hard of hearing when you’re just in a chair?  It can be just about anybody outside your inner circle you interact with, right?  Kinda embarrassing in public places, huh.

I remember growing up with this mentality around me.  I remember thinking, don’t these people have an inside voice AND are they slow when it was ME they thought they had to talk like that to for me to understand them.

As I became a smartass, I had to catch myself not spout off something offensive, but, like Joey says, I was absent the day tact was handed out, so I’d slip and start mocking them with the same, if not, exaggerated voice and facial expressions.  I’m sorry, if you hear it enough times during your day, you get tired of that shit. 

New drivers on the bus are the worst.  We KNOW there are bad chair drivers, we’ve seen ‘em, and they scare the hell out of us, because we know we’re gonna get hit while they’re TRYING to get into their spot.  BUT, they’re NOT us.  We’re damn good drivers.  If we hit someone, it’s because, like an animal in the road, we couldn’t stop or swerve to miss whoever’s ass that walked out in front of us.

As annoying that it is, I think it’s really funny.  People’ve always amused me, but the older I get and the more I see and hear, life is like being part of the best and worst acted sitcom ever.

Be good to each other.


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