Saturday, May 26, 2018

It Must Be Love When Even Starbucks Looks Just...Meh.

So, I went to the mall for Joey this morning, because she wasn’t feeling great, but she had an order waiting for her and it was gonna be hella hot today.  This means nothing to me, she wants me to run an errand for her…done.

I get to the stop and get on the bus.  As soon as I tell the driver where I’m going, I start playing Candy Crush, my go to when I’m on the bus, while keeping track of the stops.  I make sure the receipt I got off the table’s safely tucked in the corner of my fanny pack, a crips must have, really.  Dude, it holds all the pertinents: phone, money/debit, garage door opener.

At the mall, I make a B for JCP to customer service.  The chick calls me up and I tell her me business while I pull out the receipt, which she takes.  Then, she goes to the back to get Joey’s stuff.  She comes back and I sign off on the stuff.  Easy peasy.

OK, it’s the top of the hour, I’ve got 45 minutes to kill.  Now, everybody likes “Me” time.  But, I was bored and lonely…to the point that Starbucks just looked…meh.  
Don't judge, it was windy.

Yeah, I watched rugrats run around and bad parental units almost begging for their offspring to get snatched (bad, I know, but, honestly), but I had no one to make social commentary to.  My friends that’s how they feel about their kids when it sets in that they’ve ACTUALLY got time to themselves.  Needless to say, I was ready to go home.

I guess it’s love.

Be good to each other.


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