Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Fear the Walking Dead-Red-Headed Stepchild or Brilliance?

So, I haven’t talked about Fear the Walking Dead yet this season.

Ya know, reading around the net, you get the impression Fear’s the red-headed stepchild of the Walking Dead series, given that it started when the original Walking Dead series was already four seasons in…and, Fear is supposed to tell where the whole got started.  Must’ve started on the west coast and migrated east.  If that’s the case, if the cast of the Walking Dead quit putzing around Alexandria, they might find people and warn them before shit hits their fan.  But, they’ve gotta kinda stick to the comics, so they don’t lose their audience that started watching BECAUSE of said comics.

But, I digress…

Fear didn’t have those trappings with characters we weren’t predisposed with.  Given that, audiences jumped on the band wagon on the Walking Dead alone.  You either hated the characters or you liked them.

Now, as with the Walking Dead, Fear’s NOT about the walkers, but how the people deal with them and each other.  Blood, guts, gore, and all manner of interesting kills has its place, of course…we are talking about the dead.  It’s just not the central theme.  Speaking of those characters, one of the main characters we’ve had since episode one, was offed a couple weeks ago…and, it WASN’T by a walker!  It was sad.

This season, they’re playing with timelines.  We’ve got a past and a present represented by the color palette.  I, personally, think that the more vibrant timeline’s the past, and the darker’s the present…which would mean we lost another original character since we haven’t seen her in the present timeline…IF I and a lot on the net are right.  There’re only three episodes left in this first half of the season, so they need to get on with if this character’s still above ground.  I guess you can call that a beef.

My other beef’s the new bad tribe.  They remind me of the Walking Dead’s Saviors, but pretty boys.  They’re the Vultures, because unlike the Saviors’ kill and conquer, they wait for survivors to die out to move in…not a lot of difference, IMO.

Of course, I’m gonna ride this one out to see where they go with it to see if I was right.  I’m pretty sure about one of my theories, I HOPE I’m wrong about the other.  I have to give them credit, though, it’s pretty brilliant playing with timelines and letting us know which’s which.

Be good to each other.


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