Friday, May 11, 2018

Adoption From Hell.

So, I’ve been following this for a bit.  Every new development sickens the hell out of me.

I don’t give a shit about the combination of the couple whether it’s boy/girl, girl/girl, or guy/guy.  That doesn’t matter.

What matters is that these bitches adopted these kids to be slaves!  When their cover was blown they decided it was time to end them all.  HOPEFULLY, for the kids’ sake, they doped them up with so much Benadryl that the kids were already comatose if not already dead…before sailing their SUV off the cliff Thelma and Louise-style.

Having kids naturally’s a gift, not everybody can have them.  That’s why adoption’s a gift/privilege.  The parents get to be parents, and the kids get a fam and the chance at, HOPEFULLY, a better life than what they could’ve had.

Then, you hear fucked up stories like this.  Piecing these stories together is following paper trails, if there is one, and hearsay…and MAYBE autopsies…of course, if bodies can be found.  That’s the ONLY way the victims, the kids in this situation as in most, can tell their story.  And, there’s definitely no real closure for those left behind that were on the outside but knew.

As Mother’s Day comes Sunday, kids hug the hell out of your moms, and, Moms, hug the hell out of your kids.

Be good to each other.



  1. You said it Jason. Love each other as much as you can. Life is short and you can never have to much love!