Tuesday, May 15, 2018

A Little Calm Between Storms.

Morning, Fam…

So, yesterday, I took Joey out for a Mother’s Day since Friday and Saturday were in the 100s and the buses don’t run Sunday.  I bought lunch Saturday, so she that was her Mother’s Day.  I told her no, that was just food.

On the bus, we saw Yolanda, one of the supers, so we caught up with her, telling her about the site and such.  She told us she wanted a shirt…WAY COOL!  We also asked her if she’d heard what happened to Rey, one of the drivers, who’d died last week unexpectedly.  It sounded like he had a massive heart attack.  Man, and we’d just seen him in passing on the bus, maybe, a week or so ago.

Anyway, Joey wanted to go to the mall for something and pumpkin bread at Starbucks…whatever we drank was whatever, but anyway around it, she was having pumpkin bread.  She chose a hazelnut frappe with her bread, and I got a hot white chocolate espresso.  The poor barista was all by herself, but she still brought us our stuff.

While we were there, Ashley texted to remind me to check out Lids for the hats for Two Feet Below.  I wanted one just for me and Ashley and T-Bro from the shop were interested, so we went over there when we were done.  We picked the color, font size and style, and paid.  He said it’d be 45 minutes, so we walked down to Penney’s for Joey to look at the shirts, which she found two and ordered two pairs of pants.  Checkout was taking a little long, so I went to get the hats and met her back.  Then, she was done.

We missed that bus, so we decided to get pretzels.  Joey got a large salted while I got a cup of pretzel dogs.  While we were getting our order, we met Gabriella, and to her about the site, and she took down our info, saying she wanted a shirt…AW!  Then, we parted ways to go sit at the Food Court to eat real fast before the bus came.

Going home, we decide to get off at the shop to see if the guys were in since Cran’s brother’d also died last week, which, of course, they weren’t.  Poor Cran.  The stop wasn’t a wash, because I had to go to Kent to get the money Mom loaned us to start the shirts.  While we were there, Joey stocked up on the new flavors of M&Ms.  Then, we walked home.

Of course, when we left, it was overcast and there was supposed to be rain in the forecast, but NOOOOOO, it burned off to just hot.  Going 7.5 mi/hr in heat’s NOT fun.  Still, it was a really good day.

Be good to each other.


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