Saturday, April 28, 2018

When's Enough Enough?

So, when’s enough enough?  When’s it time to tap out?  In Johnny, I hated on how Hollywood killed off made crips like they had nothing left to offer after being said crip.

OK, but let’s look at real world issues regarding calling it enough or tapping out when there honestly isn’t hope.

Today on FB, I read a feed about a British toddler, Alfie Evans, who had severe epilepsy to the point of being in a semi-vegetative state. defines this as “The patient has altered consciousness which is usually severe but there are aspects of awareness which are present, albeit inconsistently.”

Apparently, his folks and the courts (on the side of the hospital) went back and forth about what was in his best interests, his folks wanting to get further treatment and the hospital wanting to pull the plug.

Alfie’d been in the hospital since ’16 on life support with other hospitals offering assistance for “better” care.

Now, whether they really did have alternative ways to treat Alfie that might’ve helped him or they were just trying to feed his parents empty hope, is between them and a power higher than we can call.

Just a couple weeks ago, Barbara Bush called it that she didn’t want extensive care and went to hospice.  She died days later.

Mrs. Bush was an adult and in charge of all her mental faculties.  Alfie was neither.

So, who makes that call?

Be good to each other.


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