Monday, April 16, 2018

The Walking Dead-There Still Can Be Peace.

So, the season 8 finale of The Walking Dead went down last night to end the war with Rick’s crew and Negan’s Saviors once and for all.  It also brought Carl’s arc to a close in markedly divided likes and dislikes.  Your gore hounds thought the fight and lack of walkers was anti-climatic while there were those that saw the final battle fitting for the way the show’s been going this season.

Now, we were of the group that thought the payoff was good.  I was watching it while I was typing The Race, all the while thinking it actually fit the topic since it was about goals and seeing them through, but thought better of it, I don’t know, second guessing myself about putting it with church and all.  SEE JOEY, I DO SECOND GUESS MYSELF!

Anyhoo, Carl just KNEW that people could STILL be good despite living in the apocalypse…and, he was right.  Yeah, even getting there, there was a bit of lying and darkness, but we got there.  Life and people aren’t black and white, there’s grey area, and they went there to get to that resolution even some of the characters didn’t agree with said resolution and might be plotting some chicanery somewhere down the road, but we needed a cliffhanger to lead into season 9, right?

The point being, Carl’s dying wish was for the rest of the group to see a way to keep their humanity despite the past, and for the most part, that was done with a majority of the character arcs concluding to start anew.  Again, The Walking Dead’s NEVER been about the walkers.

Thinking about the real world and how truly screwed up people are, I'd hope we could still find our humanity. 

Be good to each other.


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