Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Race.

So, the homily at church this afternoon was about winning the life race.  Father Franco was talking about staying focused on getting to Heaven, which I agree, but, first we have to win the actual life race.

What I mean is, and I told this to Joey, who wasn’t able to come with, set your goals and make sure you don’t deviate from your course, because of outside interference.

Father Franco used the Disney tale of the tortoise and the hare.  Some people think they’re badasses and have everything going their way.  They’re cocky, and think they’ve got all the time in the world, losing sight of the end game while the tortoise stays straight and even paced.

We, as people, tend to lose our way making our goals reality trying to win the race, and we just wind up losing…and, thereby losing life’s race…failing.  You’re 100% responsible for your end game.  Let it be something you’re proud of.

Be good to each other.