Saturday, April 21, 2018

Really, Wow!

So, we just got back from Target where Joey got a couple dumbbells to replace the ones misplaced around the house.  I found one in the garage we think’s a 10-pounder that was my brothers, but she thought it’s too heavy to start out with.  That was the main goal of us going.  Of course, we got a couple things we needed around the place and stopped at the Starbucks there for lunch to cap off the outing.

While we walked around, something caught my eye I just had to show Joey and take a pic of:

Now, I know it’s in the toy section and it has the Stranger Things title on, but we’ve watched both seasons, and NOWHERE was there an Ouija board.  Furthermore, Ouija boards AREN’T toys.  Anton LaVey got started playing with Ouija boards among other things, and we know what happened to him before he checked out.  A lot of times kids play with them and nothing happens right off, but they’re playing with fire.

It’s said the greatest achievement the devil’s done is made people believe he doesn’t exist.  I believe this perpetuates that belief in the form of a toy with the help of a popular title.

Be good to each other.


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