Saturday, April 7, 2018

Join the Movement, NOT the Club.

So, I might be reading this wrong, I’ve been known to do that time to time.  But, I read this on TMZ:

David Hogg's ready for another major rally -- getting students nationwide to sign up for his political activism club.”

Now, I think the kids have a very steep uphill battle to get change done, but they can do it to some extent.

However, reading this first line of this article gives me the impression that, TMZ at least, thinks the movement’s just a kid fancy with their use of the word “club.”  That’s the connotation I get too, a school club, just a bunch of friends getting together, when it’s much, much more to them as well as so many others around the world.

I hope to God the media’s not starting to trivialize these kids’ efforts by saying their movement’s merely a group of kids undertaking a school project that just happened to go viral.  It’d be just another example of the media shitting on a tragedy that's a newsworthy cause and busting it down to just another flavor of the month side note whenever David or any of the other kids announce whatever.

What you guys think?

Be good to each other.


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