Saturday, April 7, 2018

If You're Not With Us, You're Against Us...Indirectly.

Morning, Fam…

So, I’m gonna try to say this without coming off as a complete douche, BUT SOMETIMES people DON’T help trying to help.  Case in point, yesterday, we went to Walmart to just fart around and so Joey could get some candles, the main reason for us going.

We get there, and Joey immediately takes us to the candles to smell.  Now, the Yankee candles are big, and of course, the one she wanted was in an awkward position, so we had to ask someone to help us.  The lady handed it to Joey, like a good crip, she two-handed it, because those candles are kinda heavy.  The other candle, we could reach on our own, again, when she handed it off to me, I two-handed it.

Anyhoo, we finished our shopping with a candle in a bag a piece along with our other stuff and had Subway for lunch from the carnie-looking dude, then, we ran to the bus, which we practically met.  The ride was fine, and we walked home after stopping at the shop to wish TBro a happy birthday, no prob.  When we got home, Joey took out her candle to put in its spot.  We waited to get the other when Joey’s chick came.

She got the bag off the back of my chair and took the candle out to put with the others.  Mind you, Joey and I were eating dinner, I believe, when we heard CRASH!  Glass all over the living room!  Of course, the Boys wanted to investigate.  No ‘ueno.  Now, we’re out a candle AND $20…AND we worked so hard to get them home safely since bags rip sometimes when we walk.

Yeah, we know she didn’t MEAN TO drop it, but, really?  Who carries a candle jar by its lid, honestly.  We could’ve done all that.  AND, the icing on the cake was when she said she’d been dropping things all day at OTHER CLIENTS.  Really?

Now, don’t get me wrong, we’re extremely appreciative of getting help from ANYBODY, BUT, SOMETIMES people are more harmful than helpful.  Honestly, this is one of the lesser incidents aside from the glass.  Yeah, we’re out money, but that’s replaceable.  Other times, though, are when people move stuff we put in specific places, because we NEED them there to live like our reachers, which we use SEVERAL times A DAY.  Joey has a fork by the toilet in case someone double knots her pants or shorts when we’re on our own.  Sometimes, that’s come up missing.  Another necessity is my inhaler has been moved before.  I’ve pretty much grown out of my asthma, but there’s always that chance…and, it’s happened.  Yeah, scary.  My bitch about this is these are people, who’ve probably been with us for awhile.

Tell me we’re not alone on this.

Be good to each other.



  1. no not alone at all. But I would put the candle in a double bag with glass and candle. Take it back to wallmart and tell them it was all cracked when you got it home. Sorry they make enough money and it is 20 bucks that is not chump change. Sorry for your loss. When I was working full time as a nurse if I woke up with certain issues physically or even emotionally I had no problem calling out. I am no good if I can't give 99.9% of myself I can be responsible for danger.

    1. Yeah, we're getting a replacement. It's just after all we did and it was fine, it was broken by a lapse of care, if you will.