Thursday, April 12, 2018

Advice Please

Hi there. It’s Joey.  No offense, please, but it seems to me that Jason never struggled a day of his life with this issue.  For me, however… Writer’s block!  My hon is always so confident-he says he has an idea, and he writes it.  Me, oh, having an idea is never the problem.  I think of things to write while in the shower, on the bus, eating dinner-such as this post.  I’m constantly thinking of my characters and their situations.
But as soon as I get to my computer, BAM.  Gone.  I told J I need my Dragon Naturally Speaking hooked directly to my brain.  I’d have my novels written in only days.
I Can write.  My novel, The Howl, which I hope you guys get to read soon, only took nine months to finish.  Maybe that sounds like a long time, but, it isn’t.  I wrote every day-I couldn’t stop!  I was more excited for my novel than I ever was about anything in my whole life… Okay, maybe the times I met Christopher Hall were more exciting, but… *blushing*
Moving on.
Writing is my life!  I know most writers battle it, even famous writers,, but how can I overcome this wretched beast known as writer’s block?

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  1. Joey, good to see you. We all have it and what I find is I am more comfortable on the computer than writing by hand. I do jot down things in note books but more importantly I have to have quiet with music and just start even one word at a time. If I think of something for later on in my post I will jot that down and add arrows where I want it. Sometimes it is visual for me too. Nature inspires me so I spend as much time at the beach or out in the sun and watch and listen to the sounds. The bird calls and song. Little critters running around looking for food and my cats who are mostly feral . Looking at flowers and art which is great because I can find it on the internet.
    Be good and don't let it bug you. It will all work out in the end.