Monday, March 19, 2018

The Pathological Lying Crip.

Afternoon Fam…

So, lying’s the first “sin” we learning growing up, right?  It starts with tall tales and whatnot…just harmless little stories.  Then, we start getting in trouble, and we devise ways to take the blame off ourselves for ANYTHING no matter how trivial it really is.  As we get into school, we want to be liked, so we devise stories to elevate our badassery.

Anybody regardless of able-bodied-ness or crip can do it, but I think the crip might have the edge trying to measure up and fit into the crowd.  It’s a way of adapting however wrong.  It might go hand-in-hand with learning to use our cripness to manipulate situations in our favor…again, wrong, and WILL get your ass in trouble in the really, real world.  I know.

Story time:  In my clique in school, we always had drama, you know the he said, she said shit.  Of course, not wanting to be ass out, I’d be in the thick of it whether I knew ANYTHING of said drama.  And, of course, I’d wind up getting butt hurt over something I got myself into, but it “wasn’t my fault.”  One time I leaked said drama to one of my other friends, and he found said “offender…” and COLD COCKED HIM ON THE FLOOR in front of me!  It wasn’t pretty.  All because I didn’t keep my mouth shut and bent the truth, and because I’m a crip, he stepped up to “protect” me.  I was completely in the wrong.

I know I lied about a buttload of things to save my ass or bolster my ego, but THAT by far was the WORST thing I can remember I did that affected someone else I was SUPPOSED to be friends with.  It was one of the few times I was actually ashamed to look someone in the face after.  We made up, but it DEFINITELY WAS NOT my finest crip hour.

Guys, come real, or don’t come at all.  It might cost you a life-long friend.

Be good to each other.


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