Monday, March 19, 2018

Is There Really

Is There Really (a Good reason)
JD Rhode

When it comes down to it, and there are no more chances
No more excuses
Is there really a good reason to lie to those you love?
Or those you only know?
Is there really a good reason to steal?
So your miserable heart can feel again?
What would you feel from hurting another?
Pride, triumph, joy?
You say you’d feel less like a soulless boy-
or girl?
What about yourself?
Is there really a good reason to shoot up?
After a hard day, it’d calm you to cut your leg
Even though those who love you beg you to stop?
Is there really a good reason to not talk to somebody-
You think nobody would listen, nobody would care
Well, if you dare
Just try it sometime
I think you’d be surprised at the kindness of others
The compassion
The genuine mind knows no limits
Your once “is there really a good reason” (to live)
Would be crystal clear
And all your doubts, all you fear
Would be washed away
And once you are free of the torture of the past
And love settles in
You will never look back, saying
“There is really a good reason for me”

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