Friday, March 16, 2018

Stepping Out-Comic Con!

So, today I booked our Paratransit bus for tomorrow to go to the Horseshoe Arena for the first Comic Con of the year, and we’re jacked!  I ran to Kent Kwik to get cash after I made the reservation, which was kind of sad since Ladawn didn’t recognize my voice…or, not, because it’ll only be the second time I’ve used Para since I stopped using it to go to the office.  On one hand, it saves me money riding the fixed routes, on the other hand, I kind of miss the ride to work, the drivers I consider friends.

But, I digress…

Joey and I didn’t go to the tat convention last week, because we’d have to go to Odessa, which meant more money on top of tickets and whatever else we decided to do there…and, the return trip.  There’ll be another here in Midland this Summer at the Horseshoe, there always is.  Plus, Joey wants to go see Weird Al next month at the Wagner Noel, so we have to prioritize trips to our budget.  It’s all good.  Hopefully, we’ll see some friends there.

At any rate, we’ll have pics and video to show you guys of the experience, and if any of you that follow us live in the Midland/Odessa area and’ll be there or will just be there, don’t be shy…say hi.

Be good to each other.


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