Friday, March 16, 2018

Internet Black Out

Afternoon, Beautifuls, how goes?

So, last night watching the Paras on the site, the feed froze.  I thought nothing of it since I figured a buttload of peeps were watching the live feeds that come late night our time.  HOWEVER, I turned on the tube, because it was time for NBCsn to start their broadcast, but, guess what…no signal.  Damn, but keeping my cool, I tried restarting the Tivo service… no dice…damn again.  So, I tried the phone since we’ve got our stuff bundled…dead.  OMG.  Net down, cable down, no biggie, but the phone…no good.  I woke Joey with this latest development.  I don’t like waking her for stupid stuff we can’t do anything about…it just happened.

Anyhoo, the cable and phone randomly came back on last night, but, as of this morning, the net was still out of commission.  REALLY NOT GOOD since it’s how I wanna do my livelihood.  Not that being out doesn’t serve a purpose of people seeing us live our lives, but most people in Midlland’ve seen us.  They don’t talk if they’re curious about us, just stare.  Most people assume we’re brother/sister, as you’ve read me lament, but, oh well.

Like, I’ve said in other posts and words, the net affords us the chance to a wider audience.  God knows I wish I’d been able to read other crips’ experiences to know I wasn’t alone.  Like I’ve said before, and I’ll keep saying it, I hope I’m reaching even just one, crip or able-bodied.

Thank God Joey and her provider were able to reset the modem and router.

To everybody, I’ll say it again:  Everybody has SOMETHING to say.  Say it loud, say it proud…you MIGHT just change a life…just being you.

Be good to each other.


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