Saturday, March 24, 2018

Santa Clarita Diet-Where Crips Aren't Even Safe.

So, we’re binging the second season of Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet with Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant as a realtor couple.  The catch is, Barrymore’s Sheila’s undead.

OK, now the undead angle might seem tired to you guys with eight seasons of Walking Dead and counting starting an avalanche of undead-themed shows over several stations on the tube.  And, truth be told, we were skeptical going into the first season thinking it was an extension of The Lost Boys (Santa Clara), which Joey and I adore for its perfect mix of Horror and Comedy, leaning more toward Horror.

Horror and Comedy separate, can be brilliant.  Mixing the two has a much higher chance of being a train wreck of Armageddon proportions.  Barrymore and Olyphant could stick the landing or bomb so bad they might’ve needed to learn how to say, “Would you like fries with that burger?”

Realizing that Santa Clarita Diet has nothing to do with The Lost Boys made it easier to let it be its own thing, and we actually had a lot of fun with it…A LOT.  The show’s so unapologetically un-politically correct, which, again, I’ll admit, could train wreck the show to one season obscurity.  But, it worked.

Fast forward to now.  We’re seven episodes in, and the un-politically correctness has hit an all-time high with a single kill in episode five.

Now, you guys know my sense of humor regarding crips in movies.  Yeah, Santa Clarita Diet takes the cake EASILY!  Check it…A CRIP NAZI KILL!!!!!!!  As they set it up, we thought they were gonna blush, but they didn’t!  Full-onscreen, B-movie blood gush!  Nice play, folks.  What you got, Family Guy?

 Wonder how this season’s gonna end.

Be good to each other.


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