Saturday, March 24, 2018

Jessica Jones-Finding Yourself, Being Yourself.

Afternoon, Guy,

So, EARLY this morning, I told you guys our thoughts on Santa Clarita Diet.  We tapped out at 2 on the last episode it turned out!

Then, I thought, I forgot to chime in on my thoughts on Jessica Jones.  Actually, I’d meant to tie it into Future with making your own path away from the parental units.  HOWEVER, there’s more.

Like Punisher, I had a harder time getting into season 2.  Don’t know why, but since I’m a few days removed from finishing it, I can see the where I want to go with it.  Season 2 was all about finding yourself and, like I said, making your own path.

This season, the core plot was about Jessica finding out how she got her powers.  Her folks had presumably died in a wreck with Jessica the lone survivor…and, with the power of super strength.  Come to find out, she was engineered.  Although she has her demons, she chooses to use her powers for good…even if she gets carried away sometimes.

Eventually, we find out Mommy lived too, but Mommy has a dark streak to her…a VERY dark streak.  Somewhere in the power transfer, this dark side came out, and, is almost always front and center…especially if Mommy doesn’t get her way.  When the two finally reconnect, they’re like gasoline and fire.  The thing is, and you hear, blood’s thicker than water.  Jessica knew Mommy was killing people close to Jessica, but Jessica couldn’t bring herself to take Mommy out.  I won’t spoil the rest.

Since I’m adopted, I could relate to Jessica wanting to know where I came from, moreso when I was younger.  Nowadays, I’d more like to meet my sibs, because I’m the oldest, and I’m betting they were told their oldest brother died…if they were told anything at all.  I won’t lie, I do wonder.

The making your own path part also applies to me in that I don’t want to be like my bios.  Yeah, they could’ve actually put me up for adoption, but I’m leaning towards not based on what’s in my file (the whole my bio dad calling me a monster bit).  I think it was left up to the hospital to do the deed.  I want to be better than they were.  I am better than they were, because I want to help people in general here.

The point of all this is, find yourself for yourself, make peace with where you came from, and go from there to be you for better or worse.

Be good to each other.


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