Sunday, March 4, 2018

On Writing...

So, in Dare, Joey talked about her fam life and the lack of encouragement she got in her endeavors.  Well, the last week, that worm raised its ugly head when she told me the reason she doesn’t share on here as much is because she doesn’t know if people want to read what she has to say even though she always has ideas.  I keep telling her to just put it out there.

I’m putting this out there for her and ANYBODY with ideas, but think they aren’t what people’ll wanna read.

First, when I write, I write for me.  They’re my thoughts, my feelings, my whatever.  If somebody wants to come along for the ride…GREAT!  Writing is a catharsis, a therapy, a way to brainstorm, and work through probs.

Unlike a lot of writers, I DON’T outline.  I get an idea and run with it until I don’t have anything else to say on whatever.  To that end, when writing stories, I have a beginning and an end in mind.  Everything else in the middle writes itself, meaning, I write how I feel at any given time.  If I’m happy, it’ll be shiny happy, if I’m sad, it might be a memory sequence, if I’m mad, somebody’s probably gonna have a REALLY bad day.  I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve.  Now, every now and then, I write something contrary to how I’m feeling probably because I’m trying to get out of a funk, or I might just have a sequence in my head I can’t shake.  I might have to change up my ending a bit depending on the surprises in the body, but, mostly my endings pan out.

So, there you guys are.  DON’T listen to the voices in your head spewing negativity.  Get out of your own way to say what you want to say.

And, for God sakes, be good to each other.


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