Wednesday, March 21, 2018

From Guns to Bombs.

Morning, Ladies and Gents…

So, a few weeks ago, it was a gunman in Florida killing school faculty and kids, now, here in Texas, Austin (about 6 hours from here) no doubt, we had a guy using bombs to kill random people…or so it seems.  The difference, the Cruz guy signed off on what he did and will most definitely get the chair or the juice or whatever he chooses as his way out, which is more than can be said for the 17 he took out.

This week, this jackweed decided it’d be a good idea to send 6 bombs to random people through FedEx.  He managed to kill 2 and injure 5…WTH!  One bomb went off before it even left the postage, and another was apparently a dud.  Police are leaning towards homophobia as one motive, but, really, in my opinion, motive is irrelevant.  People died, that’s all we need to know.  Also, the chicken shit blew himself up as the cops approached him.  Dude, if you’re unhappy about life, if you feel offing yourself’s the solution, by all means…BUT DON’T TAKE INNOCENTS WITH YOU!  OH YEAH, and his mom said something to the effect of that he was planning a road trip to sort himself out?  Was he planning on broadening his range and Austin, was just the testing grounds?

Now, we have two incidents of homeland terrorism.  The device used is irrelevant like motive, in my opinion.  People died, and no matter the laws we implement whether it be guns or bomb making materials, which is varied and accessible by ANYONE, people’re gonna get around them.

Again, I have no answers, just thoughts.

Be good to each other.


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